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Vic, English, tv geek. I am known to eat two pizzas on a night out. Creaky knees. I make gifs of things when I'm not sleeping..

I fangirl over a lot of shows and people, but Amy Poehler is my hero. May drink wine and send you weird messages.

Currently experiencing an intense Benedict Cumberbatch obsession.

so instead of writing a sketch we’re gonna recreate her video for “call your girlfriend”. x

[On twerking tips from Miley]: "It’s more about the ankles. You’d think it’s about the hips, but it’s not, it’s more about the ankles.”

Bill Hader attends the premiere of CBS Films’ “The To Do List” (July  23, 2013)

Taran Killam for Glamour Magazine

Photo by Jennifer Livingston


jimmy the overly-touchy orderly



@joelmchale Holiday tradition: @TaranKillam & I riding the carousel sleigh(less scary than the up & down horsies) in Fillmore CA

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